New Phone

OK, so after much thought and lots of research I have changed phone companies and phones. I moved over to Sprint for the Simply Everything plan (99/month unlimited) and bought the Samsung i325 (Ace) Windows powered phone to go with it. This phone is pretty slick for being only Windows CE 6, though it lacks a built in GPS for those that want that feature.
It is not a touch screen, mostly because I view the touch screen phones poorly from a usability point of view. The screens are usually hard to read, and they tend to get dirty and/or scratched up fairly quickly even when protectors are used. I still like the tactile feel of a real keyboard, and the Ace delivers this in a small and easily usable space.
The transition between phone companies was not easy though, took 6 days to port my number from AT&T to Sprint during which time I could receive calls on AT&T and make calls on Sprint. Not really sure what that was all about, but it finally ported and I am happy with the new phone and coverage areas.
Probably write more on this later when I’ve had more time to use everything on the phone.

One thought on “New Phone

  1. I’m a bit late commenting on this, and I’m not editting for a reason.GPS support was added with Windows CE 6.1, though it is rudimentary and uses cell towers to triangulate your position. It also appears to use fairly old data sets currently unless you sign into a Live account and use Live Maps.After a year using this phone, I can report that I am still very happy with the phone and with Sprint’s coverage and reliability.


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