Samsung Epic 4g

So I upgraded my phone 2 weeks ago. Bought the Samsung Epic 4g Galaxy S phone from Sprint.

  • Clear 4g network built-in
  • WiFi (hotspot mode or client mode)
  • True satellite GPS
  • slider keyboard
  • Android (Linux by Google)
  • 1GHz CPU
  • 16GB MicroSD card included
  • Android Market (App store)
  • Amazon MP3 (cheaper than iTunes)

Great phone, though Sprint really needs to push out the DI18 firmware for it. The only real shortcomings are the phone is currently shipping with DI07 firmware and Android 2.1.1 instead of 2.2. The DI18 firmware speeds up 3G network access a lot, close to 4x faster than DI07, so that tells me a major bugfix is there. You can find links and instructions to DI18 at, along with a host of other useful information.

Battery life can be a pain. If you plan on using 4g, WiFi, or the GPS regularly you’d better have a charger available because the battery won’t hold up. That said, if you turn those off and mostly just talk and text you can go for a full day or longer between charges… as long as you don’t talk to much.

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