Election results

The country has definitely responded unfavorably to the Democrat’s agenda of the last two years. I’d be willing to bet the next two years show little to no improvement with a split House and Senate. Looking forward to lots of partisan bickering and possibly a record number of Presidential line item vetoes of any legislation that does make it to the Oval Office.

A few things I’d like to see, but don’t expect too:

  • Overturn Health Care Reform and the separate bill funding it. I still believe this violates the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Permanently extend the Bush era tax cuts, they are good for everybody.
  • Effectively deal with immigration and illegal immigration laws, either change the law or deport the ones who are breaking it.
    • Ban all federal funding to states with sanctuary laws/policies for illegal immigrants.
    • Eliminate the temptation of anchor babies, this will require repealing or changing the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution which grants citizenship upon birth on U.S. soil.
    • Fine employers of illegal/undocumented immigrants $100K per worker on a first offense, $250K and 1 year jail on any further offense. Lack of penalties is part of the problem!
  • Eliminate all foreign aid funding until such time as the national debt is eliminated, permanently eliminate aid to countries that ignore basic human rights. Health care is not a right by the way, neither is a job.
  • Severely penalize companies that outsource jobs overseas (call centers, manufacturing, design, and whatever else). This will help end unemployment.
  • Place a moratorium on H1B Visas (and all other work Visas) until the national unemployment rate is under 3%.
  • Place tariffs on all imports from any country that does not purchase an equivalent amount of product by dollar value from the U.S.

Anything you would like to see? Or disagree with? Leave your comments below.

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