Government (Public) Employee Unions

With all the action and news lately about budgets and the union impact on budgets I’m going to make a few people unhappy today.

I don’t believe there is room for unions to represent taxpayer-funded employees. Public employee unions are not in the business of getting taxpayers the best rate of return, and many of them (unions) are now so powerful as to make it nearly impossible to fire an employee even when said employee commits a crime.

Yes I believe that unions still may have a place to function in some privately owned businesses, but even then they need to make some serious changes to policy. Unions today have shown that they are just large political machines with little regard for the people funding them. The unions can change this if they choose to, but it will be painful for a lot of people.

Want to help fix the budget of state and federal governments? Here’s my solution:

  1. Non-elected personnel (including judges) get paid military E2 wages and benefits.
  2. Law enforcement (police, sheriffs deputies, FBI agents, federal marshals, state troopers, etc..) personnel get paid E5 military wages and benefits.
  3. Elected law enforcement personnel (Judge, Sheriff, Attorney General) do not get paid.
  4. Elected officials except for the President and Governors of our 50 states don’t get paid. A career in politics should not be a way to make a living, it should be considered an honor to serve; and once your term is up you go back to a civilian job.
  5. Pay for the President and Governors should be set by a majority vote of the people, not by Congress.
  6. Welfare should have an enforced lifetime benefit of 5 years maximum with no benefits for non-citizens. This includes food stamps and Medicaid.
  7. Any government employee, elected or otherwise; convicted of any crime (including parking tickets) automatically loses their job. As a representative or employee of the taxpayer they must be held to a higher standard.

You may not agree with me, that’s fine; leave your opinion below in the comments section. Just keep in mind that I will not approve comments which are demeaning or vulgar.

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