Facebook? or not?

Most anyone that knows me knows I don’t Facebook. For those of you that do, you should probably read and follow the advice in the following article by Zack Whittaker: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/igeneration/january-2011-the-definitive-facebook-lockdown-guide/7439?tag=mantle_skin;content

The best advice is still not to put any information on any website, Facebook or otherwise; that you don’t want someone to know about. For those that wonder why I choose not to use Facebook, the entire concept of the site is to eliminate privacy from the ground up. Yes you can make it more private than it defaults too, but Facebook has a really bad habit of changing their policies and application code without warning people; and then you have to go change things again to maintain your privacy settings.

For me to ever consider using Facebook or MySpace, these companies are going to have to change their business models. I understand that they are advertiser supported, and as such I understand the need to track ads. I don’t understand the need to give my personal information to those advertisers, something Facebook has repeatedly tried to do (http://www.zdnet.com/blog/igeneration/facebook-to-resume-phone-and-address-sharing-how-to-prevent-it/8552?tag=mantle_skin;content) much to the consternation of users everywhere.

One last link for you, if you are totally fed up with Facebook; you can actually delete your profile here: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=842.

One thought on “Facebook? or not?

  1. I joined Facebook in late 2012 to be able to better advise customers on privacy settings and usage. It is terribly annoying and sometimes addictive, but I’m staying for now.


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