Apple is worth more the WinTel?

Tech stocks sure can be fickle, seems AAPL now has a valuation higher than MSFT and INTC combined when using “market cap” as the value.

Apple has a book (real property) value of roughly $66/share and a current (June 4, 2011)  Steve Jobs value of $343/share. What this tells me is that Steve has value to stockholders, but then that really is overstating the obvious.

So that leads to the question, given Steve’s ongoing battles with cancer and/or other health issues; when do we sell to protect our investment in Steve from collapsing? Or do we? To date nobody has shown that they can innovate and control the product pipeline of Apple the way Steve does, including Wozniak.

It will certainly be entertaining to watch for the next couple of years as Apple has finally joined the ranks of the attacked, and is having to learn fast how to deal with malware that mutates in near realtime. Hopefully the Apple Store employees will stop telling everyone that asks how invulnerable they are now.


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