Changing views, out with the old and in with the new.

As some of my friends and family know I moved at the end of last September as the house I was living was sold to a developer. We are now 8 months living next door to that beautiful estate that is going to be recreated as an HOA governed neighborhood of 34 homes and the developer finally started demo on the 4 houses on the street that they bought at the same time. 2 of those older homes were part of the estate and will be torn down to make way for the access road to the new neighborhood.

John's house

This picture shows what little is left of the first house to go, affectionately known as John’s house for the last tenant who lived in it. You can see the piles in the background under the excavator arm of all the demolished parts and the lone standing wall at the back of what was his garage.

It will be interesting to see the progress they have made by the time I come home again in a week or so, though I’m looking forward to my time in California next week.

For historical purposes, the next picture is an airborne photo of the estate from the early 1970’s when it was in it’s prime.

Grohs Estate

The house in this photo is being saved and remodeled/updated as it is too close to the lake to build another in it’s place. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to see the remodel when it is done.

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