Independence Day or In Dependence Day?

239 years ago the Continental Congress of these United States declared independence from the British Crown. With that seemingly simple act we declared as a nation that we no longer wanted to live in dependence of the will of a government that was viewed as not having our best interests in mind.

Yesterday we celebrated that decision with BBQs and fireworks displays and drunken parties. We as a nation of people have forgotten what our founding fathers gave us. We have forgotten what our many generations of sailors and soldiers and airmen have fought to protect for us. We have forgotten our own dignity and self-respect.

Today we again live in dependence of a government that no longer has our best interests in mind. We pay taxes that are disproportionately levied upon the middle class to fund welfare for mega-corporations and the poorest of the poor. We pay our senior citizens a stipend of a retirement from the Social Security fund that is insufficient to pay their actual living expenses. We give just enough in food stamps and cash allotments to the younger poor to keep them alive, but not enough to give them any chance of actually improving their lot in life.

We have talking heads that encourage young girls and women to have more babies because the government will pay them more money, and they don’t need to worry if the daddy isn’t around. We encourage and teach that abortion is OK if you don’t want that baby.

We have “schools” that no longer teach our children to learn, to write cursive, to be creative. Instead we teach our children to pass a test designed to create more people that are dependent on the government because they don’t have an education that employers respect. They don’t know how to learn or think outside a predefined box.

Today we have groups of people looking for more rights while taking the same rights away from others. They say they want to be treated equally, yet when they are they complain that it is wrong and ask for protection. They say they want to be treated equally, but they don’t want to have to treat the rest of us equally.

It’s a lot to think about and take in so I’ll sign off with a single question.

Do you want to live in dependence or with independence?

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