Technology changes for better or worse.

I finally unpacked my Surface Pro 3 today, it’s been sitting in it’s box for about 9 months. First order of business was upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 which I’ve had on my first generation Surface Pro since Wednesday evening. Had to do 2 other sets of updates before I was able to see the prompt in Windows Update to download and install Windows 10, but once there it was just as quick and painless as the first gen unit was. About 40 minutes start to finish. A couple more computers to upgrade yet, and one that I won’t be due to a software compatibility issue to requires it to stay at Windows 7 for the time being.

In other news, which I’m sure to get some grief for… I also now have an iPad (mini) in the stable so I can better help all the iDevice owners when I need to as I can directly reference my device instead of trying to work from memory. I’m an Android user through and through, so having this in the stable of tools will be beneficial to me and those of you I help that aren’t Android users.

More drastic changes may be coming soon, so keep your eyes open here over the next couple of months for updates.

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