An American Problem

US FlagI’ve grown up in a country I love understanding that as a country we can and have conquered everything that has tried to conquer us. Now we are conquering ourselves.

I posit for your consideration that “We The People” are slaves. We are slaves to a government controlled by people we were told to vote for and those people are slaves to their moneyed masters over them.

We have failed to listen to our country’s founding father’s warnings about giving up our freedoms in the name of security. We have powers that want us to give up rights that our own Constitution says are given by our creator.

We have failed our neighbors by allowing the media and the government to pander to our fears of difference. Those differences are what give us our strength. Those differences are what allowed our nation to thrive for over 200 years as an example of what could be and as a place that people all over the world still dream of coming to.

Television is allowed to corrupt our youth with glorified images of drugs, torture, death, and more heinous acts against each other. It depicts abortions with Silent Night playing in the background. It glorifies Lucifer ahead of God and Christ, and Christians still watch and pay for it.

Say what you will about Christians, they’ll generally let you until the sun no longer rises in the east. Say the same of Islam and you commit a crime that starts a war. We are not a free country, nor are we a free people anymore.

Do you think you own your home? Your car? The condo in Maui? You don’t own any of those. You pay the banks for them surely, but even when you are done paying the banks you will continue paying the government for the right; ne privilege of living there or driving that car or vacationing in the sun. I’m just as guilty.

We have people killing each other over slights imagined, “territory,” drug deals, sex, and just plain wanting to kill for the thrill. None of this is new or unique to us, but we as a nation seem to become ever more flaccid every time the news media says someone else shot a bunch of people today. They ignore the person killed on the streets of Chicago, LA, New York, Miami, St. Louis or even your hometown.

We have soldiers and sailors that aren’t allowed to shoot in a war unless they are shot at first. Drones that do our killing for us, thus making it more palatable to the powers that be since they aren’t putting your child’s life on the line now.

We have an economy that says we have to work so we can buy the latest gadgets and toys for our home that we rarely spend any time in. So some of us have jobs to pay for those things society says we must have that keep us from our family and friends.

We have homeless, hungry, sick, and truly needy people that are ignored but for a few holidays a year. I’d sure like to see the good in hearts come back and fix our country. Each of us has to want that for it to happen. I’d like to see families be families again, neighbors be neighbors, and churches standing up for what is right instead of what feels good.

Can you imagine what a country we could have again if we taught our children to be strong and still be kind. If we taught them the skills of our mothers and fathers instead of teaching them that the government will provide. If we teach the joy of doing instead of the need of receiving.  If we teach that working is secondary to living, though still necessary to living.

I can still imagine that country, I wish I could see that country again. I wish YOU could see that country for it was a truly beautiful place with room to grow and freedom to be whatever you chose to be.

God Bless


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