A New Revolution?

As we watch events unfold in Oregon we must ask and answer a question, are we really ready for a new revolution in this once great nation?

I say no, but I think it is coming sooner rather than later. Unless our elected officials change their ways and stop restricting personal property rights and individual liberties these actions in Oregon are going to become far more commonplace.

We have a myriad of federal and state agencies that continually create new rules restricting what we can or cannot do. The EPA says you can’t pollute by burning wood for heat, oil in your car, building a new home within 150 feet of any body of water. The IRS is allowed to make medical decisions for you. The BATF gets to decide if you can buy bullets for your guns, alcohol, tobacco, and more. The Social Security Administration that is giving money you paid into your account to people that never paid a dime into the system as disability or even full retirement income if they emigrate to our nation after they are of retirement age.

The government has taken over the traditional role of churches in “community welfare” and effectively banned churches from doing this work, which in turn has enlarged the population of citizens living in abject poverty because the government will provide and they don’t have to work. It has also left churches with a glut of money to build bigger and more elaborate facilities that lead to calls for taxing them which is Constitutionally questionable.

Judges have said we must perform tasks that we object to on religious grounds or pay fines that effectively bankrupt a small business. You can no longer refuse service for any reason without being charged with discrimination at least or a hate crime at worst.

Unless our elected officials change course radically, full blown revolution will be once again at hand.

To stop this process the government must restore Constitutional law and put an end to onerous restrictions on individuals, homeowners and businesses in this country.

I wish the Bundy’s well, and pray that saner minds prevail in the current situation before anyone is hurt or killed. I see no reason to force the government’s hand at this point, though giving them notice that “We The People” are still a viable force is certainly a good reminder to all of us. We must all remember that civilians own far more firearms and are a substantially larger standing army (militia) than the U.S. government can field.

God bless you and God bless America!

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