On Immigration and Border Security

This is a terribly divisive conversation to have with some people, but be that as it may I’m going to post my opinion here and welcome feedback from all who desire to respond.

The United States needs immigrants! Immigrants bring new ideas and new blood to our nation which helps it to grow. That said, immigrants need to come legally using a process that while clunky, works in the best interest of our nation today. It can be streamlined more certainly, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon. Those coming illegally and those overstaying Visas are committing a crime to be here and should be sent home.

The United States needs to secure the borders, this open border nonsense that the current Administration, Hillary, and Bernie all support is destroying our country. No other nation on the planet has borders as porous and unregulated as ours currently are. Right now as a non-citizen you can walk across our southern border heading north you can work, get health care, and even get welfare in some places. If you do the same heading south and aren’t a citizen of Mexico, you go to prison. Period. At some point you will be tried in a Mexican court and likely sentenced to more time in prison for violating their Visa rules and their sovereign border.

Now is where I get really controversial for most people.

Border security and immigration reform can happen very easily using resources that our country pays for already. I even have a step by step process designed just for this task. Here goes:

  1. Bring home our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. We’ve far overstayed our welcome in both places and we aren’t allowing them to act in anything other than a defensive posture. No point in them staying.
  2. Line those troops up at the northern border. All of them.
  3. Assign several detachments to setup permanent encampments to maintain the northern border in a secure state with a strictly defensive posture.
  4. All the rest of the troops will start moving south checking the identity and papers of every single person in this nation. There will be nowhere to hide.
    1. If you are legally here, you have no worries.
    2. If you are not here legally for any reason you will be detained, and deported at the nearest airport or border crossing.
  5. Once the troops have reached our southern border they will setup permanent encampments there to maintain the security of the southern border.

Now that we have secured our nation using our troops they will do the job they are sworn to do. Defend our nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And the Border Patrol can be radically downsized to deal with just handling documented border crossings instead of trying to patrol and defend a border they aren’t trained or equipped to defend.

God bless America.

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