The Political Rant of a Disenfranchised Voter, Part 2

So I meant to do this a while ago…

This is a list of things I think “We the People” need to do to fix our nation. It isn’t complete, and some of it you will disagree with probably.

  1. Eliminate the IRS. Simplify our tax code by switching to a flat tax for both personal and business taxes.
  2. Eliminate ObamaCare and replace it with a single payer system. Yes it will require a slightly higher tax bill, but it will also drive costs down as the government can look at the pharmaceutical companies and laugh at their atrocious price structures that screw Americans while the rest f the world pays pennies on the dollar for the exact same drugs and treatments. And yes it will change the way insurance companies do business, but it won’t put them out of business; most of them are losing money hand over fist with ObamaCare and would likely welcome the relief.
  3. Require 2 years of national service. This doesn’t have to be military, we could easily recreate the Civilian Conservation Corp or something similar. National service creates a sense of ownership and self-worth that today’s youth are seriously lacking.
  4. Term limits for Congress. 2 and done. I don’t care if it is one term in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate or 2 in the same hall, but 2 and done!
  5. Change Representatives and Senators pay to national median average. This will get them looking at actually fixing the economy.
  6. Require Representatives and Senators to actually write the laws they pass and obey them. No more staff members or lobbyists writing the laws. And no more Congressional exemptions from the laws they pass, they need to remember that they are also citizens.
  7. Eliminate all federal rules and regulations not exclusively authored by an elected member of Congress. While we’re at it, eliminate the agencies of the federal government that do not have a Constitutional mandate to exist.
  8. Eliminate the FED. Congress sold out our future earnings in perpetuity in 1871 to a private bank known as The Federal Reserve Bank in exchange for being allowed to file bankruptcy on debts accrued, being allowed to place the CEO of the bank, and being allowed to borrow money that is created from nothing more than the promise that the American working man and woman will pay it back.
  9. Require all 50 States and our sovereign Territories to obey the Constitution and ALL OF ITS AMENDMENTS.
  10. Tell the United Nations to shove off and find a new home, and end our membership. I hear the EU is looking for a member to replace Great Britain…
  11. Get a Constitutional Amendment to kill the 17th Amendment and give the States back the control of the Federal Senate that protected their interests prior to 1913. We must have balance in the government or it becomes a tyrannical monster as it is now.
  12. Because Immigration and Customs Enforcement can’t do it put our troops on the borders with orders to fire at will at anyone crossing the border anywhere outside of sanctioned border crossings. Illegal immigration will end within a couple of weeks.
  13. Confiscate and auction off the property of any person/business employing illegal immigrants. Ban guest worker Visas for all but Consular family members. This will eliminate the jobless problem in our nation.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, and I’m sure many of you can think of more. Feel free to comment here or Facebook or Google+.

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