Open Enrollment Nightmares

With open enrollment in full swing and massive rate hikes in place for much of the nation it seems to be a good time to remind everyone that Congress has not approved and the President has not signed any authorization for these rate hikes.

You may wonder why that matters… Well Chief Justice Roberts and the SCotUS ruled that the ACA mandate requiring all persons to carry health insurance is a tax. Yes, you read that right, it is a tax. Taxes must be raised with a revenue bill originating in the House of Representatives, and having been agreed to by the Senate; signed by the President. None of that has happened.

Also, the Internal Revenue Act requires that all collected Federal Taxes be paid to the IRS for proper disposition. The insurance agencies are not turning this tax money they have collected over.

Just a little food for thought, you may want to write to your insurance agent and ask for a copy of the Congressional bill that approved their tax rate increase on you. You should probably also write your Congressman/woman and Senators to file grievances about this.


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