Rep. Lee, D-CA should be ousted

Regurgitating fake news that has been proven across the board to be fake news is simply ignorant, using it as an excuse to boycott the political process is beyond contempt.

DailyKos is becoming a prime leader in the fake news world sadly as a voice to Obama’s divisive Democrats. Link to their article at the end of this post.

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) is typical of these Obama Democrats and is a proven California Socialist. She has helped drive the demand for segregation to be reinstated in our schools (in violation of federal laws). She supported and allowed the President to continue paying women in the White House and the rest of the federal government less than men for the same position (again in violation of federal laws).

She gives as her reasons for boycotting the inauguration ceremonies a list of proven false allegations against Donald Trump and his selections for key positions in the Cabinet.

  • Steve Bannon is a nationalist, his skin color doesn’t matter as he has never publicly displayed any hint of bigotry.
  • Senator Jeff Sessions is not deserving of the smear campaign against him from people who in the public record have previously praised him for his actions in countering racism and bigotry, praised him for demanding equal process under the law, and praised his contributions to civil rights.
  • The ACA – nothing affordable about it. I for one am in favor of full repeal. Honestly, I’d like to see it replaced with single payer, reason for which I will blog later.
  • The Russians did it… Until 3 weeks after the election when all the recounts were done U.S. Intelligence officials and our lame duck President all forcefully told anyone that would listen the Russians had not interfered with our electoral process. When asked to present evidence they are unable to, and this has been proven by the Brits to be more false news.

I’m sorry for the Democratic Socialist Party that they have lost their way, oh wait I’m not. I’m sorry that they reverted to their past behavior from the Civil War era. It is time to rejoin the rest of us and fix our nation so it works for everyone, not just for a few wealthy folks in the political elite system they have created for themselves.

President-Elect Trump was not my first choice, but I will go out of my way to support him until he proves he is unworthy of being supported. He has already done more for the economy since the election than our current lame duck has in 8 years. Donald Trump is a wake up call to career politicians everywhere, they know it, and they are going to fight him every step of the way because their sacred way of life has been interrupted.

God bless.


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