A son looks at 50

On this day 50 years ago, a legend was born. OK, so maybe not a legend so much as a troublemaker, a prankster, and a son to two parents who had no idea what awaited them.

They’ve been my parents for 50 years now, and given me many lessons in what it means to love. Both have had my back (and I hope they know I have theirs any chance I get and can) through good and hard times. Both blessed me with siblings and with second parents to learn more from.

So many things I am because of them all, and so many things I will yet be because they taught me how to live, how to give, how to share, and how to love.

So today as I meet my half century mark I want to thank each of them individually for the lessons they gave.

To my Mother, I thank you for not giving up on me even when I had and for listening, responding when I finally looked for you again all those years later.

To Peter, I thank you for instilling a love for technology in me though you may never see this (I hope you do though).

To Frank, I thank you for the cabin times that may not have happened if you hadn’t been a part of our lives and the self-sufficiency that came with it.

To my Father, I thank you every day for opening your home to a brat that probably didn’t deserve it and helping me grow up.

To Mom, I can’t ever thank you enough for loving me enough to bring me into your life after you had finished raising your own children.

You all are my gift on this day, the lessons and memories remain close to my heart.

Thank you.

To my sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents (both here and passed). All of you are also gifts, and I hold each of you dear to my heart. I know that time and space have moved us in different directions but I love you all and thank you all for who you are, for without you and the indelible marks you made on my soul I wouldn’t be me.

To my many friends, each of you have also left indelible marks upon me that I can never forget, some that I can never adequately repay.

So today I know I am blessed beyond what I ever imagined. It is a day much like many others to celebrate life, to love and to live again.

I believe I’ll have pecan pie for breakfast today, another little blessing from the woman I love.

Thank you all for believing in me and being the best gift a person could ever have.

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