A New Beginning

Yesterday our nation had our 45th President and 48th Vice President sworn into their respective Offices. These men were elected to these Offices by the people of 30 States who voted to give their Electoral College members instructions to vote for these men. They have quite possibly the hardest job in the world ahead of them for the next 4 or maybe even 8 years (if re-elected), and it would behoove us all to come together and help them.

In the time since then a great many people have continued their disturbingly violent and destructive behavior under the guise of “democracy in action.”  They are sadly only illustrating all that is wrong in our nation, practicing their hate, spreading their thinly veiled lies, and still burning down the cities they live in. We are not a democracy, we are a Republic; and we have laws that apply to all of us. It is my hope that all the people responsible for the damages in these protests are brought to justice swiftly. Part of bringing them to justice will be bringing their agitators to justice, and I personally believe their agitators should pay a much higher price although I’m not sure if the law does.

President Trump was elected by an electorate of pissed off citizens who were hampered by thousands of new regulations, tens of thousands of pages of new laws, new taxes, and new fees that hurt their businesses and their employees, and their families under our last President. He was elected because Republicans came out to vote in places they haven’t voted in over 30 years or more. He won because the Democrats fielded a pathological liar who cheated her own party members out of a fair election.

I hope that the protests and riots end soon without any further unneeded violence and rhetoric. We the People must work with each other, and we must support each other or we fail as a nation.

Our nation was founded as a place for all people to be able to succeed based on their own merits. Your success is equal to the amount of effort you put forth. I for one hope we all choose to put forth good efforts and grow our families, our communities, our cities, our states, and our nation again as one voice united.


God Bless America and Good Luck to President Donald J. Trump

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