To POTUS and U.S. Congress

You had a promising start and a chance to really get the ball rolling to changing our country back into a place where a job is more common than welfare checks. To a place where the Office of the President is respectable again and where Congress gets things done without kowtowing to a few liberal whiners.

You had two and a half months to create your plan of action and come to an agreement on how to proceed. You’ve done very little, and the infighting is getting old. With that in mind here are my suggestions for you.

  • Use the “nuclear” option.
  • Abolish the ACA, just frigging throw it out.
  • Abolish the IRS and the current malformed tax system.
  • Abolish every federal agency not specifically authorized in the Constitution, which should leave us with State, Justice, Post Office, Commerce and Defense.
  • Abolish every law and regulation not directly authored by an elected Senator or Representative as an unconstitutional breach of trust.
  • Impeach every federal judge who has ever ruled against the Constitution as those rulings are an offense to the people the Constitution protects. Judges can be replaced.
  • Stop screwing with the Democrats alleged crimes and put them out to pasture. The nation doesn’t need anymore shit circuses like the Benghazi hearings or the Clinton Impeachment. It’s time to rebuild and heal our country.

Now that we have cut the federal budget by about a trillion dollars a year in wages alone let’s rebuild things in a sane manner.

  • Funding can be either a flat income tax that punishes everyone equally or an entry tax that punishes importers. Personally, I prefer the second option as it will help to restore a proper trade balance and doesn’t punish people for being employed.
  • Return all “federal lands” outside of the District of Columbia not used by the military daily or by the courts to the states. The states will do a better job of managing their local resources than the fed has done.
  • Bring our troops home and let them secure our borders. It works for every other nation on Earth, use it here. No more nation building by regime change, we have our own problems to fix and it would seem the nations in the Middle East want no help from us anyhow.

Issues with the above:

  • Social Security Retirement and Medicare. These must be maintained until every current subscriber has passed. No new subscribers, the schools can teach basic economics that tells people how to save for a retirement themselves instead of depending on a system that is rigged to give them a mere pittance.
  • Social Security Disability. Abolish this and return the funds to the SS Trust where they came from. The states should be dealing with disabilities as they did prior to the fed taking them over.
  • Welfare. This used to be the purview of the Church, it should be again. Sure, megachurches are pretty, but they only exist because the government said churches aren’t allowed to help their communities anymore unless they stop preaching while they help. The churches did a better job, and the system wasn’t abused because the church members helped make sure the needy also got job training and counselling to keep the families together.

I’ll step off my pulpit now.

Until next time, God Bless America.

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