Using Windows 10 yet?

If you are still running a version of Windows older than Windows 10 you should probably stop using them NOW!
Change isn’t easy, but these older versions are unlikely to be patched to deal with the latest Wikileaks CIA vulnerabilities, the source code for which will likely be released in the near future. Windows 10 is already patched against the lot of them listed in the current dump.
It’s one thing for the CIA and NSA or other intelligence agencies to illegally spy on you, but when their code gets released into the wild all bets are off.
For what it’s worth even Mac and Linux users aren’t safe, though patches are forthcoming and in some cases already complete. IOS and Android users need to be on current branch to be totally secure, both have regular patching to eliminate known security flaws. Older versions are probably not going to be patched.
Last but not least is the collection of “smart” devices from Amazon, Google, Samsung and others. Make sure your firmware is totally up to date. The three companies I listed have updated firmware to eliminate the CIA bugs in their product lines already.
Good luck out there people, it’s a dangerous world.

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