Southern invasion…

Federal law, notably the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, limits military involvement in civilian law enforcement, creating a supporting role for the Guard.

I’d argue the Posse Comitatus directly violates the Constitution however as the correct role of the U.S. military is to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. While illegal immigrants are not necessarily an armed force, they are an invading force that is costing our nation billions of dollars every year.

Send federal troops to do the job they are trained to do, make sure they are fully and appropriately armed. Border security is not a law enforcement issue, it is a national security issue and deserves to be treated as such. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard all train to defend our nation and our allies; it’s high time we let them do the job right and end the southern border problem permanently.

Come legally and we as a nation will stand with open arms to welcome you. We will help you acclimate to our society, and we will employ you or shop your business should you choose to start one.


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