Get Informed – Vote – Or Shut the F*** Up!

Well said Garnet. Sharing this one now.

Pesky Truth

I was reminded recently that too many of our friends and neighbors believe that they’re taking the high road by remaining “above” the down and dirty distasteful world of politics. They might let it be known by saying something like, “I don’t pay attention to any of that political garbage,” or “they’re all crooks and liars, I don’t like any of them.”

Sound familiar? Those who think that way have their heads buried in the sand and are plainly said, idiots.

They are what I call our “inert” group. For those in Rio Linda, inert means: having no inherent power of action, motion, or resistance; lethargic.

They’re inert when it comes to being informed about our elections. They think that it’s fruitless to bother getting informed since they don’t believe that one candidate is measurably better than another. It’s easier to maintain that inert philosophy when…

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