What Hath FISA Wrought?

Pesky Truth


By curtmilr

All right, Pesky Truthers, much has occurred since the heavily redacted version of the Carter Page FISA Application was made public last week. Oddly, it was a strong rush of positive developments, economic and political, which bumped FISA off the front page (as if the “Fake News” would have done any hard-hitting exposes on it anyway). (LOL!)

But even so-called conservative publications, WSJ, CSM, FOX News, etc., haven’t pursued this in a dogged investigative journalism manner. This is somewhat troubling. Why?

Because the redacted FISA Application revealed the LEGAL PROOF of a treasonous conspiracy across the entire elite establishment of our nation!

WHOA, Curtis!!! Are you off your meds???

Actually, no! I’m still on them, but I’m going slog my way thru this fog to make this clear to one and all! So, here goes!

First, FOIA requests do not apply to FISA documents.
Second, the Powers That…

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