The Sacrifice of Donald J. Trump

Well put CW. I’m sharing this and wondering just how bad the threats against Ross Perot were still that ultimately caused him to drop out. I can only imagine they are worse now.

Pesky Truth

trump hate

Though I’m not his greatest fan, one of the reasons that I don’t doubt the sincerity of Donald Trump’s dedication to this country is the extent to which he has incurred personal sacrifice in order to fulfill his mission to restore America’s strength and prosperity.  Though I doubt that Trump foresaw the degree to which he would be villainized by the Left and he and his family become targets of their incredible viciousness, he surely knew that in addition to risking his life he would potentially be risking a hit to his personal fortune, his business enterprises, the popularity he enjoyed as a celebrity and his health.

In addition to passing up the salary that he’s entitled to as POTUS, Trump put aside the option to personally oversee his financial empire and risked the brand value of the Trump name for the chance to lead the country.   Contrast that with…

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