The case for impeachment…

As Democrats posture more by the day, Speaker Pelosi has so far kept the talk of impeachment mostly contained to those looking for more power. She must know that any impeachment trial in the Senate will bring out too many truths of what the Democrats have done. Criminal acts going back to the beginning of the Obama administration will be brought to light, how many is she implicated in?

Republicans won’t be untouched if impeachment proceedings happen, there is plenty of crime and corruption to go around in the halls of our Capitol buildings. President Trump is gruff and uses a bully pulpit too often, but he is doing his best to keep his campaign promises even with both parties trying to stop him. The President would do well to watch his tongue (and Twitter feed) in the days and months ahead.

Election season is already in full swing, and it’s time to clean the House and Senate yet again. President Trump must defend his position, though I hardly think he has a worry with the current laughable crop of opposing candidates. The Dems have come out batting for the extreme left end of the spectrum with promises to raid your wallets more than ever before so that no one will have to repay their student loans, everyone will have free health care and $15 an hour pay.

Well somebody must pay for these things, and sadly that somebody is you and I. The government has no money that it doesn’t first take from us, and take they do. They don’t spend it wisely, and rarely spend it justly. I wish all of us could afford to spend as frivolously, though I know it will never happen. We have bills to pay, credit cards that are maxed out, mortgages, insurance, household and business utilities.

The Mueller reports from his investigations are at best non-committal and at worst a criminal waste of money. So much interference from both sides egging the prosecutor on, yet in the end no one was happy except for maybe the President. Lots of others will be prosecuted, some already have been.

Last but certainly not least we have Jeffrey Epstein. There is so much vile about this case that touches so very deeply in the halls of politics in our nation and others. This is where “We the People” have the best chance for seeing change in our nation. This one man, criminal that he is; can truly bring down the House. And the Senate. He has but to start dropping names of his customers or his victims that can corroborate his claims to have political empires come to an end.

The case for impeachment isn’t against President Trump, it is against the many Representatives and Senators who have violated their oath of office and violated our trust in them. These scum that spend our money so lavishly yet give us nothing of real value in return.

The time has come for all of us to stand up and be counted. To do for our country instead of expecting our country to do for us.

I pray you vote an educated vote.

God bless America, and God help us all.

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