Will Your Insurance Company Charge You With Fraud If You Have Claim?

Holy cow. That is just revolting, though in this day and age of no morals shouldn’t really surprise any of us.


Insurance Companies Are Paying Cops To Investigate Their Own Customers

This article is extremely long.

But you might want to read it. At least part of it. 

In an investigative report the journalist documents 4 insurance companies who have had police (paid by the insurance companies) charge their own customers with insurance fraud. There is also payment for prosecutors who charge and prosecute the insurance customers for fraud with evidence provided by the insurance company. 

The results are devastating from huge sums of money for defense to actual prison terms.

Seems to me good reason to NOT buy insurance. Save your own money and pay your own claims.


PS:  Here’s a little snippet from the article.

The mood was jovial. Enjoying drinks and catered meals, insurance company investigators and police detectives greeted one another as old friends, swapping war stories and trading the latest tips and tricks from the…

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4 thoughts on “Will Your Insurance Company Charge You With Fraud If You Have Claim?

  1. I’ve also heard there have been cases where insurance companies knew a client of their life insurance had passed and knew who the beneficiary/s were BUT didn’t pay unless the benefits were applied for. I’ve also heard there have been instances when insurance companies denied health benefits the first time – no matter if valid or not – because they knew a percentage of their clients wouldn’t bother contesting the ruling and thus, they saved money.
    I despise insurance companies and the politicians who put through laws that force us to buy many types of insurance.

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    1. Quite so, forced purchases of products from private companies is socialism at it’s finest. You should copy and paste your comment over to Tannngl’s blog roll as well, that being where I picked it from.

      I wish we could still use Pesky Truth, but alas it’s not to be.

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