Truth that Hides in Plane Sight…

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Beto.jpgO’Rourke’s money dealings in the past involved backroom deals and ethics violations that even had members of his own party turning against him.

“According to Ken Webster at KPRC, Soon after he was elected to El Paso city council, O’Rourke embraced the practice of eminent domain, which is essentially the legalized theft of private property on behalf of the government. O’Rourke displaced El Pasoans from their homes in order to invest in a revitalization project for El Paso around the early 2000’s. It appeared that the newly minted City Councilman was seizing private land, then handing it over to developers for a cut of the cash. This resulted in Carmen Felix, a Democrat in El Paso, attempting to lead a recall on O’Rourke to get the corruption out.

“When confronted with a petition for his recall, O’Rourke seemed to change his tune about his love of eminent domain…

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