Nuke them all

Caution: You may be triggered and need your safe space, coloring books, and/or Mommy Bloomberg after reading this post.

Islam is not compatible with LGBTQ lifestyle choices.
Islam is not compatible with Judaism.
Islam is not compatible with Christianity.
Islam is not compatible with Hinduism.
Islam is not compatible with Buddhism.
Islam is not compatible with Mormonism.
Islam is not compatible with equal rights for women.
Islam is not compatible with peace even within their own faith as the different sects have different rules.

Our nation has a long history of war against Islam dating to shortly after we elected George Washington as our first President. Our governments first official military actions didn’t come about until 1805 however when President Jefferson ordered the Navy to stop the Barbary attacks against US merchant shipping. A peace treaty was signed, but a few years later the Navy was ordered back into action for the Second Barbary War in 1815. These wars began our history of refusing to pay tribute or ransoms to terrorists.

In more recent times the US battles with Islam started in 1978 in Tehran with the taking of American hostages at the US Embassy to Iran and is currently actively being fought in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and many other locales around the world.

After the World Trade Center collapsed Islamic clerics declared they would take over our nation from the inside. They have certainly been successful doing so, almost entirely because they got federal law changed to allow Muslims to hold elected positions even though the Muslim faith is diabolically opposed to our Constitution.

President Carter or President Reagan should have nuked Tehran and reminded the entire world of what terror truly is. It would have eliminated many thousands of acts of terror that have occurred since that time and saved countless lives.

As a nation, if we continue to allow Muslims to gain control; we will have to continue to give up our freedoms. The end goal of all Muslims is the introduction of Shari’ah Law to all populations. This means your freedom will be gone unless you are a straight Muslim male.

It is time to bring our troops and personnel home from those nations whose beliefs do not align with ours and put them on notice. If they choose to misbehave, they must be swiftly and mercilessly punished, not with our soldier’s lives; but with our only proven effective weapon system.

Nuke them all.

For those of you who don’t believe nukes are the answer, please study pre-war Japan and post-war Japan.

Please feel free to prove me wrong.

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