Things I’d like to see happen in America

Just bringing this back to the front page as we are in an election cycle yet again. My thoughts on this haven’t changed any. The country certainly has though. We are in an ugly election cycle, a state of unconstitutional “quarantine”, and have a few more states that have decided a Constitutional Convention of States is a good idea.

Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts

I know this is going to make heads spin, that’s ok though. It’s long past time to restore the United States of America to a country where the individual is responsible for his/her own success or failure.

  1. Restore true Constitutional rule of law
    1. This means removing all rules and regulations which fail to meet Constitutional review and were not explicitly written by an elected representative of the people or the States.
    2. Restores to States the ability to individually regulate and/or finance activities.
    3. Return to a true citizen legislative branch, instead of current base of lawyers which our founding fathers warned us about.
  2. Repeal the 17th Amendment
    1. The returns control of the Senate to State legislatures, thus giving states back federal representation they currently lack.
  3. Eliminate all Federal agencies not specifically authorized in the Constitution, see below for list. This will allow individual States to decide how they are wont…

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