Biden’s “Victory” Crumbling?

Praying Citizen

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It’s only Tuesday, and already it looks as if the Left is shoring up their defenses because the Trump army is about to land. Countless testimonies, affidavits, videos, and scientific evidence of impossible numbers for Biden have flooded social media of election fraud. In Michigan, there are 131 affidavits and 2,800 incident reports of voter fraud obtained by the Republican National Committee. CNN just took Georgia and Arizona out of Biden’s column, changing them to toss-ups. Pennsylvania House members are calling for a legislative-led audit of their election count, and the re-counts in several battlegrounds are just getting started.

The Democrats betray their sense of panic through presumptive acts like having Joe Biden give a Covid-19 briefing from the “Office of the President Elect.” There is no such thing.

To review: 

No state has certified the election results, although the media has…

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