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This year on July 4th I deleted all my “social” media accounts except for MeWe. The most freeing one to declare my Independence from was Facebook. It is truly amazing to me just how much of a time sink it had become maintaining just that one singular account, and it has been an incredible week without that burden.

I chose to keep MeWe for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the platform truly is open to all with no censorship by the platform of differing opinions. I encourage everyone from all walks of life to check it out.

No ads, no censorship, various levels of membership, and even the availability of business pages to promote your personal livelihood. I chose a paid membership for myself, not everyone will or needs to.

There were a lot of factors that drove me to make this decision, though censorship was high on the list. I’ve been banned from the bird logoed site almost as long as President Trump, I’ve been put in FB Jail 139 times for voicing countering opinions on everything from CV19 to political choice, and ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.

I am very public on MeWe, though I have a couple rules for anyone requesting to be a friend there.
1- Have a publicly viewable profile with content in it.
2- Don’t be using some wannabe porn stars profile photo.
3- Don’t be looking to scam anybody out of money.
4- Don’t be a dating scammer, I’m simply not interested.
5- Don’t be fake, the world has enough of that already.

For those that are wondering why I posted a picture of a bag of coffee as my featured image, I wanted to. I also want to do a little promotion of my friend’s company that roasts that coffee and many other excellent varieties because he supports so many projects for veterans with his proceeds. You can find Don’s coffee and help so many great causes at https://minutemencoffee.com/pages/about

If you are active over at MeWe, leave me a note here with a request to follow you or follow me directly at https://mewe.com/i/laurencreech1

One thought on “unSocial Media

  1. I’ll add a comment here instead of editing my post…

    If you know me and plan to follow me on MeWe, send me an email letting me know. It’s the only way I’m going to approve an empty profile.


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