The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots – American Thinker

You may have heard that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 shot received FDA approval this past Monday.  Politicians, national health officials, and journalists are breathless with excitement about how this approval will finally induce the remaining “vaccine-hesitant” into stepping forward to receive their jab.  The FDA even has a press release on their website about it.There’s just one problem.If you read the actual letters that the FDA sent to Pfizer on August 23, 2021, you’ll see the FDA did no such thing.  In the sense that that term ‘FDA approval’ is generally understood, this drug is NOT approved by the FDA.  It is still under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).  It is still an experimental drug.The FDA sent 2 letters.  The first one was a letter of BLA (Biologics License Application) approval, and the second was a letter of EUA extension to COMIRNATY.

Source: The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer shots – American Thinker

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