The “VAX” & Live Fetus Connection

From Sam Rossi on MeWe and Rumble.

I wrote this post while battling some shock, disgust, and heaviness from what I have learned regarding the development of the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” Since COVID, I’ve definitely become more awakened to the reality that our leaders are willing to justify high levels of human oppression for what they perceive as the “greater good.” A real oxymoron.
⚠️ Scientists, politicians, and even many religious leaders believe that the greater good can be achieved through dissecting a live fetus without any anesthesia, via C-section, to extract his or her organs to obtain “live cell lines” used in the development/testing of “vaccines.” The baby is then discarded after the dissection. The origin of the cell lines used in COVID “vax” development/testing was from 2 fetus dissections that were done in 1973 and 1985. The original fetus cells keep multiplying. (I learned this through multiple credible sources, including America’s Frontline Doctors).
💉 💰You may not know something about Operation Warp Speed which was launched in March 2020….
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Source: The “VAX” & Live Fetus Connection

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