Fundraiser for Elle Carpenter-Hockett by Charli Carpenter : Help My Sister’s Husband Heal from a Brain Tumor

I’m sharing this because Elle is my Aunt and therefore Casey is my Uncle. Any help or prayers you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday, our sister’s husband, Casey, was rushed to his local hospital in Durango, CO after having a seizure – the first seizure he’s ever had. He had a second seizure just hours later. Durango’s hospital determined he had a mass in the right temporal lobe of his brain, and sent him 300 miles north to Penrose St Francis Hospital at Colorado Springs, where he could consult with a proper Neurology department. Today, he is awake and lucid but doesn’t remember yesterday. He’s been told there’s a tumor in his brain. He will undergo surgery as soon as possible, but the road ahead will be long and difficult because of where the tumor is located.

At this time, our sister, Elle, is with him at Penrose St Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO. Both Elle & Casey are Durango-based artists, so time so far from home and away from work will be costly. We and our other siblings are patching together care for their four-year-old son, and making a support plan on their behalf. Donations will go towards this family’s medical co-pays/deductibles, long distance living expenses, childcare expenses, and maintaining Durango’s high cost of living & bills, whilst both parents are away from home and unable to work.

We will update you when we know more. In the meantime, please pray for a successful and harm-free removal of our brother-in-law’s tumor and speedy recovery. With an extremely creative mind, he is excited to continue writing and making movies. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

With love,

Charli Carpenter, Elisabeth Lund & family

Source: Fundraiser for Elle Carpenter-Hockett by Charli Carpenter : Help My Sister’s Husband Heal from a Brain Tumor

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