101 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in 2022, 17 Killed: Police Union

There have been 101 police officers shot this year while on duty as of April 1, a 63 percent increase from 2020, according to the latest figures released by a police union, which also includes numbers for premeditated ambushes along with a state-by-state data breakdown.

Source: 101 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in 2022, 17 Killed: Police Union

I back the blue 100%! We need prosecutors and judges that follow the law instead of letting criminals off with little or no charges filed. While we’re at it, let’s reinstate bail amounts that prohibit hardened or dangerous criminals from walking among us while they await trial.

One thought on “101 Law Enforcement Officers Shot in 2022, 17 Killed: Police Union

  1. No one should want to shoot law enforcement.

    Law enforcement has procedures that require them to go through courts before dealing with people on private property. Whether they knock or not is often debated so they can avoid getting killed as intruders while breaching private property. Knocking or arresting/talking to suspects when they aren’t in private with their guns is one way to avoid both law enforcement deaths and law enforcement shootings of subjects while they are arrested.

    So being careful with people on private property might make that 101 number more bearable.

    Of course, training officers to be better at combat and how to win lethal battles also helps reduce the number of law enforcement officers killed with guns.

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