Uvalde and Gun Control (Unpopular Opinion)

I keep hearing clips of the current resident of the White House saying we need to ban guns again. I can’t for the life of me figure out why though.

He and the rest of the Democrats keep saying we need to do this to stop the killing of these precious lives. I don’t understand this recent turn of events as just a few days ago they were all pissy because of Roe v Wade possibly being tossed out so they wouldn’t be able to murder their children legally anymore.

Democrats are fully to blame for the children and teachers in Uvalde being murdered. They set up the proper target rich environment years ago with their “Gun Free Zones” that banned guns within 1000 feet of a school. Every whack job with a brain knows they can successfully execute at least a few people in a schoolhouse, there’s nobody and nothing to stop it from happening under the letter of the law.

There is however an honest way to solve this recurring problem. Give every teacher, janitor, and all other staff members a pistol and a shotgun. Require every parent to carry at least a pistol when dropping off and picking up their children. Require bus drivers to be armed. Require crossing guards to be armed. Teach the children how to shoot, clean and maintain those firearms. The children will learn respect for these simple and powerful tools that they don’t have currently.

Think someone shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm? Put them in prison and keep them there until you change your mind about them. You’ll need to build a few more prisons and hire some more prison employees.

Limiting the rights of legal gun owners doesn’t have any effect on criminals gun ownership. An unarmed populace is not free and has no chance of maintaining whatever rights they might have once had.

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