Thank you President Biden

Let’s see. It costs me $97 to fill my 2003 Outback Wagon. (It used to cost $30) Rent SKYROCKETED. Grocery bills are insane. Insurance rates are up. Oh and my quiet suburban neighborhood is being plagued by car robbers. My catalytic convertor was just stolen, neighbors have had the same and cars are being broken into at the trailhead. The cops are not allowed to chase them now, and there is no bail/punishments anymore. The cops say “sometimes we are lucky enough to catch them and bring them in but even then, they are released before the paperwork is finished”.

And most pressing of all?! Rotisserie chickens have gone up from $4.99 to $7.99. Okay maybe not most pressing, or remotely near the top of the list but no I am not better off.

For all of this we can thank President Biden, the dems in Congress, Governor Inslee and all the idiots that keep voting for free stuff that isn’t free.


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