Young Women and the Politics of Marriage

If American politics teaches us anything, it is that voting patterns are unpredictable. While certain things remain generally true over time, in any given election, last-minute surprises can alter what had seemed to be an almost certain result.

With that said, there are strong indications that a significant shift is underway in one segment of the American electorate: young women. Nearly 45% of women ages 18-29 now identify as liberal, according to recent survey data. This is up from less than 30% in 2000.

This has not occurred in a vacuum. The Gallup Poll notes that nearly 40% of this same group are “religiously unaffiliated,” as well. And the respected General Social Survey has found that over the 50-year period from 1972-2021, the percentage of married women (again, ages 18-29) has fallen from 55% to a mere 15%.

Source: Young Women and the Politics of Marriage


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