Fixing Education

We’ve been told by multiple parties, that trying to fix the US Education system is a fool’s errand, and only indicates that the aspirants have masochistic tendencies. Maybe so, but there is simply too much at stake to let things continue on their current trajectory.

A major part of the challenge here is that there are so many serious problems with the education system bureaucracy, that it’s hard to appreciate what are the most important issues and which ones need to be tackled first. It’s a daunting challenge.

FYI, the primary audience for this Report, are state Boards of Education and Dept of Educations.

My top two candidates are not what have been commonly chosen, and IMO this is one reason that we are not making sufficient progress. My vote for the number one education issue is: We are not producing graduates who have the ability to do (and interest in) Critical Thinking.

Full report at:

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