Interesting week in tech…

Google has entered into an agreement to buy Motorola Mobility, Inc and HP has announced that they are getting out of the PC and mobile businesses.

The decision by Google to purchase MMI makes sense, they need the patent portfolio to fend off Apple and Microsoft if Android is going to survive. And 17K patents or so will go a long way here, so will having a hardware unit in-house to build a purely Android ecosystem with. More interesting will be to see if they take Google TV and place it in the set-top boxes they sell to cable and satellite companies. Overall I’d say this is a good decision, now I wonder if they will make a tender offer for HP assets too?

HP CEO Leo Apotheker announced that Touchpad and WebOS (purchased as part of Palm for $1.2B in March 2010) are done, lots of unhappy people over this decision. I’m guessing a lot more are unhappy about the choice to spin-off the PC unit though. Apotheker says HP will be focusing its efforts on enterprise software and services (read cloud), and they are beefing up this part of the company with the $10B purchase of Autonomy Software PLC of the UK. Autonomy is a provider of search services. It’ll be sad to see the final nail go in Palm’s coffin, I’m hoping that someone out steps up to purchase the Palm assets and actually try to make a go of it; dang happy I didn’t buy the Touchpad now though. As to the Personal Systems Group (PCs), it could easily be a money-maker for someone as it has been for HP. It simply is too fragmented at the moment, and that has let to a reduction in quality and a real (or maybe only perceived) reduction in the quality of tech support; which makes for many unhappy customers. It’ll definitely be fun to watch going forward to see if HP can pull off another IBM 10 years later…

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