For the love of poll taxes…

(This is a modified version of a response I placed on Facebook that I think is worthy of being expanded upon and shared more freely.)

offended by

I keep hearing that a third party has never won a national election, actually a third party has won the Presidency of our nation. Our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln was that third party ticket winner.

We have almost always had more than two choices, however the media is controlled largely by Democratic Party supporters like George Soros and the Rothschild family and won’t talk about them. In this election cycle two of the largest financiers of the Republicans have said they will support Hillary (the Koch brothers). Even Fox News stacked the deck against Trump in their blatant support of Rubio (who never had a chance) during the primary season.

The reason we don’t hear about Gary Johnson is simple, our one party (masquerading as two) system decided that unless a candidate had 15% of the pre-election polls they are not eligible to be in the debates. This is a poll tax, which is illegal under multiple federal and state statutes; no different than when women or blacks or natives weren’t allowed to vote.

Gary Johnson deserves to debate, and must be allowed on the debate stage. “We the People” deserve to hear what this man has to say along with what the media wants us to hear from Hillary and Trump.

As for me personally, I cannot ever vote for Hillary or the party of slavery and poverty. The Democrats to this day keep the poor poor by limiting the options they have to lift themselves out of poverty. Oh they give them food stamps and basic medical care and just enough money to pay the rent on a shack on the wrong side of the tracks, but that isn’t really out of kindness; it is a controlled income source to “keep them in their place.”

As for the GOP, they have sold out to bigger government and more regulation to many times to be trusted. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a different outcome. An outcome where “We the People” are actually respected and the government works for us instead of big name donors.


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