Is This The American Spring?


When I went to bed last night Donald Trump had 266 Electoral votes locked up and several more waiting in the wings of very close races. This morning I got up to President-Elect Trump.

It has been a very ugly race from the beginning early last year where an alleged abuser of women ran against someone who has a proven track record of abusing women, the poor, colored people, and our nation’s security. It could have been different, but now it is time for all of us to come together and make the best of what we have done.

The people have spoken, and what they said at the polls yesterday is that they are tired of the political status quo. They are tired of broken promises. Heck, I think they are just tired of it all.

We need to hold our elected representatives responsible for their actions as we are held responsible for ours. We need our justice system fixed so that the wealthy criminal/suspect is treated no differently than you and I would be. We need to be kind to each other and stop burning down our own towns and businesses. And we need to remember that in four years it could all change again.

This is America and We The People are what makes it great. So go out and be great today, tomorrow, and onward. Be the change you want to see and America will once again rise to the top of the heap.

God bless America.

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