The Political Rant of a Disenfranchised Voter

Yes, disenfranchised. As in I wasn’t given a choice of who the nominee in my nominal political party is. The candidate I would have voted for suspended his campaign yesterday (May 3, 2016). This is true of a lot of people besides myself, and I have always been something of an outlier in that I cross party lines and prefer to vote for the person as opposed to the party. I voted for Representative Norm Dicks (D) many times while voting for Republicans mostly. I align as a small government Constitutionalist, or perhaps even Libertarian.

I don’t believe my government is responsible for my wellbeing, my bills or my livelihood. I also don’t believe my government is my ruler, more that we are their ruler. Our founding fathers designed a system of government that was intended to stay small, warning that the more power “We The People” gave to government the more government would take from us.

The founders of our country wrote many articles and opinions during and after the authoring and ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (first ten amendments) extolling the virtues and responsibilities of the people and the government. We were warned that this day was coming if we failed to exercise our proper civic duties.

So it has come. That day is today.

We have 3 viable candidates left, one of whom has no more competition. I’ll start there.

Donald Trump is a well-known name. He’s arrogant, not remotely presidential, and doesn’t appear to care. He actively urged his supporters to “punch in the face of protesters” as he (Trump) would pay all their legal bills for doing so on national television. He claims he is blameless before God and has no sins to atone for (would make him the first perfect being since Christ walked on our planet). He has 4 major Chapter 11 bankruptcies to his name in the last 25 years. 4. (Granted, the economy hasn’t been ideal, though he had to know that as a “money man” and should have acted in a more conservative pattern instead. That’s just my opinion though.) He’s vehemently anti-immigration, except when he needs cheap labor to build his hotels and resorts; I agree that we need to radically overhaul our immigration system and like most I have no idea how it can happen with the current bureaucratic system of agency cronies in place. He supports restricting individual ownership of firearms (anti 2nd Amendment). He has publicly said he will order our troops to commit war crimes by killing women and children to cause distress to members of ISIS, which while it may work simply isn’t right and is plainly a violation of international laws and accords.

Now on to the other side of the coin as it were…

Hillary Clinton. Fired from the Watergate Investigative Committee for unlawful activities in 1974.  That is just the beginning of the bad news that has followed Hillary all of her post-graduate life. The longest list of victims in her wake probably came during the Whitewater investigations and Travelgate investigations. Her more recent activities have resulted in the loss of life to an Ambassador and his 3 bodyguards when she refused to send help to the Benghazi diplomatic mission, which she in turn blamed on an unrelated video seen on YouTube. And what is likely her single most damaging act of arrogance, was having a “friend” setup a private mail server in her personal residence for convenience while she was Secretary of State. She is the only SecState who has ever used a private server for all communications while SecState according to the State Department. To date more than 50 emails have been deemed so sensitive that nobody should have ever seen them outside of special contained rooms at the Dept. of State based on information that has been released in the never ending investigation.

Sadly, she will likely never be prosecuted for anything.

Bernie Sanders – The devout Socialist from Vermont. Wants all public colleges and universities to be free. Wants to give everyone Medicare. Has allegedly voiced support for a guaranteed income for all, I say allegedly because I haven’t heard this from his mouth or seen it in his writings yet. First elected to the House of Reps in 1990 after 8 years as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont and then to the Senate in 2006. He is the definition of a career politician. He supports raising the minimum wage and radically raising taxes to pay for his many social programs.

I actually agree with Bernie on several issues, just not on how to go about them. His proposed methods all grow an already hugely obese government and we need to do the opposite instead.


Part 2 will come in the next few days sometime… covering what I think we need to do to fix our broken system.

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